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M jewelers 22 ashleysha.yesugade_ ashleysha_ashok_yesugade ashleysha_yesugade ashleysha_yesugade_ ashleysha_yesugade_by_jayesh_sheth ashleysha_yesugade_cory_goldberg

About Me

Ashleysha is an Indian fashion model. She was born on 8th September 1991, in Mumbai, India, as the daughter of a teacher (mother) and an engineer (father).

She has been modelling since she was 14. After an international model search - Le Visage International in 2006 , followed by winning Female of the Universe in 2007, She was also a top finalist in Gladrags Megamodel contest in 2008.

Ashleysha is voted 78th on Smartasses Magazine's 100 sexiest women in the world (2013). And 42nd on Kaboom Magazine's Hot 100 women on the pnaet 2013.

She has been signed as the face of high fashion miami based clothing brand `Eva Danielle'.

She has also appeared in top magazines like FHM, Femina, Mandate, Womens era, Gladrags, perfect woman magazine, COED magazine, Transpire magazine among other fashion magazines. She has also modelled for brands like Pantaloons, Shoppers stop, Hermes Paris and more. She has also modeled for well known designers like Neeta lulla, Archana koccher, Eva Danielle, Umair zafar.

She has also appeared in videos for singers - Swapnil Bandodkar, Nofel Izz, Jas wahora.

Ashleysha is also unusually slender, even for a model. She stands 5'4 inches tall and weighs only 90 lbs but her petite stature hasnt gone in the way of her success.


Hair Length Long Hips 35
Bust 34c Height 5'4
Complexion Dusky Waist 26
Tatoos 1 Visible Tatoo on Waist Hair Color Dark Brown

Coming soon....


hd_1ae51231084cbdd2372edb461095d240 IMG_6110 001 3395_10150980725310592_93964180_n 294426_10151016727810592_587277061_n 298278_10151383953980592_1287900387_n 305089_10150993888320592_1452988898_n 311218_10151103470915592_379436735_n 376603_10151027619575592_1126738321_n 388099_10150980745015592_1932184829_n 424272_10151019909445592_1670248442_n 429509_10150554037525592_1589656612_n 539055_10151012304440592_1863238068_n 547279_10151007023560592_1786974307_n 548210_10151042008390592_1763567312_n 557754_10151089756820592_959630746_n 559629_10151059087100592_683088718_n 580402_10151052939375592_1017512127_n 923203_10151379954380592_89564282_n 131608434698290 Ashleysha Yesugade Ashleysha_Yesugade_62760 ashleysha-yesugade ashleysha-yesugade-04-12x9 -bd_Z-Thtt-l

Coming Soon...

Get In Touch

Swimsuit / Glamour

00001 3 4 4e2b0ea09ef06 5 8 111 381 1011 29528_388844270591_717490591_4189349_1325050_n 425784_10150505929115592_134119650_n ashley_2007 ashleysha ashok yesugade ashleysha_yesugade ashleysha_yesugade_1 ed-11 IMG_0321 IMG_6195 luv_israni_ashleysha MAC mandate_magazine n711751581_798996_1121 n22040097288_1014247_7707


03ashleysha2 4423_81281085591_717490591_1964712_7467262_n 528953_3918380964153_1418370979_3538316_1411274237_n ashleysha00001 ashleysha01 ashleysha24 ashleysha25 ashleysha_yesugade ashleysha_yesugade__candid ashleysha_yesugade_w hahahaaa IE402-041 IE402-049 IE402-063 no makeup NSP_5450

Work 1

transpire magazine 2 4 37864_411361360591_3181140_n 41223_424516195591_2594669_n 45195_418209475591_7229015_n 223236_10150179048255592_1724193_n 418009_10150520268491854_622441853_9305014_702974340_n 425533_10150510171390592_860418255_n ashleysha_ashok_yesugade ashleysha_yesugade8 ashleysha_yesugade__ ashleysha_yesugade_alta_moda_magazine_pune ashleysha_yesugade_coed_magazine ashleysha_yesugade_silent_noise_goa ashleysha_yesugade_stylebasket (1) ashleysha_yesugade_stylebasket (4) ashleysha_yesugade_transpire_magazine ashleysha_yesugae_ne DSCN0193 femina_magazine_1_february_2013_ashleysha_yesugade Gera_builders_astoria_goa_ashleysha mark_mangalsutras_ashleysha_pic_08 pantaloons pantaloons_UMM 228469_10151189539379878_700489174_n 378761_10151189536979878_304244014_n

Head Shots

ashleyy beautyshot_1 Ash042 ashleysha003 ashleysha04 ashleysha04_1 ashleysha06 ashleysha.yesugade_ ashleysha_yesugade_1 ashleysha_yesugade_02 ashleysha_yesugade_by_jayesh_sheth


1 2 4 ashfasd ashleysad ashleysha08 ashleysha11 ashleysha18 ashleysha_ashok_yesugade Ashleysha_ashok_yesugade_ ashleysha_yesugade_11 ashleysha_yesugade_saree aug2012MA-designs IMG_2915-Rec2 IMG_8805 -- edit1 copy

Coimg Soon....


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